Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Thrifting in Grandma's Basement

A couple weeks ago, I went thrift store shopping in my favorite place. My Grandmother's basement. I was looking through boxes of 40 year old junk when I came across a treasure, my Great-granmother's old typewriter. Totally manual, no electricity involved. It had all the charm of the 1970's and it still worked. Well, all except for the "H" key.

So I took it home and spent 2 hours taking it apart  cleaning off 40 years of dust. I also managed to fix the "H" key. I was so stoked that it didn't even faze me when my husband came home from work gave me an eye roll and said, "That's another 18 inches of space for junk in our house." I had faith in that little typewriter to prove him wrong.
I took a trip to Office Depot and bought an typewriter ribbon for $6. And I typed. I typed a letter to my brother in Florida. I typed a post card we picked up in Yosemite but never sent. I typed cards. I typed tags.
And it was awesome! When my husband came home even he was won over by the imperfections and charm of the old not-so-accurate-anymore typewriter. He sat down to type a letter to his niece in New Mexico.

So go take a look around your Grandmother's basement, you never know what treasure you might find.


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