All of us have the desire to create. We all have different talents, are at different stages in life, and sometimes create in different ways, but the desire is the same. We are trying to create homes and lives that inspire us and our families.

We find our inspiration from so many places. Pinterest and the blogs of so many other talented people have provided us with countless ideas for how and what we create. We also find inspiration from our families, friends, and from each other. We can brainstorm together, work through hang-ups together, and motivate each other to continue creating.

The five of us are part of a large family that loves spending time together and working on projects together. We all have a never-ending list of home projects to work on. Most of us are also on a budget and have limited time, so we have to be judicious with how and what we spend our time and money on.

Our motivation for this blog is to have a place for us to share what we create, what inspires us, and to keep us motivated to keep doing what we love.

Here is a little bit more about each of us:

Mandi recently bought her first home and has been painting, tearing out carpet, updating and renovating ever since. She has two young daughters, and keeps herself busy with a variety of sewing, designing, and thrifting projects.

Click here to read more about Mandi.

Right now, Michelle is molding the minds of American youth at a local High School. But, when she grows up she'd like to be a graphic designer/photographer/artist or maybe a pro longboarder. Michelle loves the wind in her hair and being on the move. She's usually scheming up some new adventure or ideas for her next creation.

Click here to read more about Michelle.

Nicole is a newlywed working hard to turn her first house into a home. She loves to read, play card games, and spend time outside. She is a self-taught crocheter and has been making up some cute patterns lately. She is impulsive and spontaneous, happy, and a lot of fun to be around.

Click here to read more about Nicole.

Joanne: Is the artist of the group and the one who taught the rest of us so much of what we know. She raised 7 children, paints with watercolors, teaches art classes, sews, and has been known to start demo on a wall that she doesn't think should be there.

Jackie: Is a middle school science teacher who recently bought a house in need of some updates and renovations. She has been working hard painting, building furniture, and learning many new skills along the way.

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