Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Sometimes I think that I can see potential in almost anything, especially in things that are free or a really good deal. This can be a good thing, particularly when trying to furnish and decorate a house with limited funds, but it also leads to the accumulation of a bunch of stuff. We haven't even parked in our garage in the 2 years that we have lived here because it has project after project being stored out there.

When I brought home two large sets of bench drawers, I knew that I needed to get to them quickly so that they weren't just adding to the chaos.

I knew exactly what I wanted one set for, and I figured that since they were free, I could easily find another use for the other set. They were in ok shape, even though one set had a little bit of mold. I didn't know that until I got them home, but with some bleach water and some sanding, I got all of it off fairly easily and fairly quickly. 

After a light sanding and wiping down to disinfect them, I did the usual priming and two coats of paint. 

I really wanted one set of the drawers to fit under Bug's big girl bed. I knew that they were a little bit too long for the space, but I was hoping that it wouldn't be too noticeable. Of course, it was way too noticeable. It pushed the sides of her bed out at a really strange angle. Don't worry though, I pulled out my trusty jigsaw, and cut about 2 inches off of each side of the drawer frame. 

My straight cutting skills are somewhat lacking, and I think that it would have been pretty hard to cut straight anyway, so the edges are a little big jagged. I think that I am going to put a little piece of trim there to hide that part, but haven't done it yet.

And here it what the drawers look like under the bed. I really like the way that they fit there. It is nice too, because it was just dead space before, collecting dust and toys. I happened upon the bed last year at a local thrift store and it was only $25, way too good to pass up.

Now there is a drawer for extra blankets,

a drawer for grow-into-clothes,

and a drawer for the toys that Bug doesn't want little sister to get to.

I have loved the bed ever since we put it in the room. I had thought about trying to build some drawers to go under it, but I think that this turned out better than I could have done from scratch.

It is hard to tell that the drawers didn't come with the bed. If I ever get the trim to hide the cut lines, it will be even harder to tell. Definitely worth the $25 and the labor that I put into it.

Yeah, so there is one more project done and one more large piece of furniture out of the garage.



  1. That is awesome! What a great hack :)

  2. It turned out so good...looks like they were made for the bed.

  3. I can't help saying that you are really a fantastic and creative person when it comes to recycling old furniture. Five thumbs up for you. ;-)


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