Monday, August 20, 2012

Zion's Market

In my neighborhood, every couple of years, there is a cool event held called Zion's Market. It is organized by the Relief Society in my ward and the other two wards that share our church building. On the Friday before the market, everyone can bring their donations, anything that they were going to donate to thrift stores or sell at garage sales. Pretty much anything in good useable condition goes. It is a pretty big undertaking, but there are many volunteers at the church to sort through what everyone brings, organizing into different categories. Then, on Saturday, the neighborhood is invited to go shopping. There is no money exchanged, everyone can just go and take what they need. It is fun to go thrifting without having to spend any money, and at the end whatever hasn't been taken by people at the market is loaded into a trailer and donated to a local thrift store. It is also neat to see how some people's junk can become another person's treasure.

Here are a some of the things that I was able to get at Zion's Market:

These two cane back chairs. I spray painted them black and covered the seats with some canvas, but I think that I may change them up a little bit more.

This awesome lantern. It was brass color when I got it, but I was able to take it apart and spray paint it oil rubbed bronze. It now provides some much needed light in my craft room.

This cool retro bag.

Some canvas fabric and some satin fabric. I have plans to make some canvas storage bins and some cute polka dot skirts for my girls.

A pile of clothes for each of my girls.

These were two sets of drawers that I think were part of a queen-sized bed. I took them with a few ideas of some places that I could use them in my house, and I have been working on painting and retro-fitting them. They will be in two future posts very soon. I had to work on them quickly because they were taking up valuable driveway space.


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