Wednesday, January 25, 2012

4 Day Weekend + 1,400 m = 3 National Parks

I'm a foreigner in the blog world and I feel like I might need a tour guide. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for adventure and new frontiers, in fact you might say I thrive on it (see photo proof below). I just don't know if I'll ever have the cutest blog on the block or one hundred million followers.

I'm just a girl that likes to create. And I come from a family of creators. So we decided to share our creations, motivations, and our inspirations with a world wide audience.

Meet me, Michelle. And the biggest inspiration/motivation in my life, my husband Ben. He's really sweet and really good looking. I kinda like him.

We love to travel. We love to explore. We love to recreate in Mother Nature's playground. And recently we found a new love...

About 2 weeks ago, Ben brought home some longboards. After taking a few rickety painfully slow rides on a local nature trail, we started to get the hang of it. Sort of.

Well over MLK weekend, we found out it was free entry into the National Parks and knew we had to put our new skills to the test in the beauty of the desert. So we loaded the longboards up in the Subaru and headed south.

It was amazing. Breathtaking. Nature is the best inspiration around. We skated, explored, and just marinated in the beauty of the red rock. Ben took some footage of me longboarding and put together a little clip. If you can get past the beginner riding and lack of flashy tricks, you'll be able to appreciate a small taste of the beauty all around.

And if that didn't do it for you, some pics of the grandeur. Grand Canyon and Bryce Canyon (the best pics we had of Zion are not on the other computer and I'm too lazy to transfer them over or do any editing right now). Enjoy the snapshots!

So get out and enjoy the fresh air. Nothing like the great outdoors to give you the inspiration you need to create.



  1. Hey all! I wanted to let you know that I gave Create Inspire Motivate the Liebster Blog Award. It's for up and coming bloggers (which you guys definitely are) and is given to spread appreciation to new members of the blogging community. If you want to pass it onto five of your favorites, I have the pic up on my post today at the Modern Parsonage ( I do DIY and home renovations :) congrats!

    1. Thanks for the Liebster Blog Award. It is nice to know that there are some readers out there, and to start to get more involved with the blogging community.


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