Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Studio

When we moved into our home I staked claim to a large (20ft by 20ft) space in the unfinished basement for my studio. Almost 15 years later it became a reality. Although the walls could use a few finishing touches, this has become more than just my painting studio it's also a classroom, sewing room, meeting room and family project room. I love it!

Pretty much the entire project has been an exercise in reuse or D.I.Y. From the fake tile floor to the shelves and counter tops. Although these pictures are dark this room is actually very light.

 I planned what I wanted and my handy husband made it happen.

The box on the left is a big light table- a free find. With the cover on top, it doubles as a fabric cutting table.

A few adjustments on this second hand table made it into perfect mat cutting area. The bag on the side holds small mat scraps.

The closet in front on the right is for art supplies that didn't fit on the cubby shelves. The other closet is...

a sewing area.

Later I'll do separate posts on some of the different areas in the studio.

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