Monday, March 26, 2012

Doll Crib

So, if you have ever read the title of this blog, you'll notice that motivate is part of it. I have the desire to create almost every day, and I find inspiration to create almost everywhere, but sometimes the motivation part is a little bit harder. Even though I have the desire and the inspiration for creating things, sometimes I don't have the time, energy, money, or know-how to actually complete a project. Other times, I simply have too many things on my list and so some of the projects that I want to do get pushed so far down on that list, that they may never get finished. Part of my hope in starting this blog was that it could help provide some of the motivation that I need to complete already started projects as well as to tackle some that I have wanted to start.

Today, was one of those days where the blog gave me the little extra push that I needed to finish up something. Two years ago for Christmas, we gave our Little Bug a doll crib that Jared built from Ana White's plans, and that I painted and finished up. I made a little quilt out of some scrap fabric and had intentions of making a mattress and a pillow, but ran out of time before Christmas and I haven't gotten around to it since. Today, because I wanted to post this project, I made it a priority, and headed downstairs. I used some scrap fabric and foam that I had in hand and in about 20 minutes, had a mattress and a pillow to finally finish the bedding for the doll crib. Although she had fun playing with the crib before I finished the bedding, she was excited when I showed it to her, which definitely made the extra little effort worth it.

Jared even went the extra mile and made the storage drawer for underneath the crib to store everything that a little girl might need to take care of her baby dolls.

And here is Little Bug trying to burp her baby before she puts her down for a nap. She had fun turning the tables and telling me to be quiet so that I didn't wake her baby up. (Poor girl does get reminded to be quiet a lot when baby sister is sleeping.) 

The crib was fairly easy to make. It was one of the first projects that Jared built using Ana White's plans. Because it was before the days of this blog, I didn't take any pictures of the building process, but the plans are very detailed and easy to follow. We were able to use wood that we had on hand to build it, except for the bars. He did have to make a quick trip to Lowes to buy the 1x2's. He did a great job, and I love that it is handmade using mostly stuff that we already had on hand. 


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