Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Easter Lilies & Paper Lanterns

I love how the internet makes sharing decorating ideas so easy. I also love paper crafts because they are such an inexpensive way to make holiday decorations. I have seen many cool paper lantern and origami projects out there, and have many pinned to my project board, but I have only tried a few. So, here are my inexpensive paper Easter projects from this year and last year.

I actually made these lanterns last year using this tutorial.

They were a little smashed after being stored in a box all year, so I cut some card stock strips to help them back to their original shape.

I also made these lilies last year using this tutorial. The stored much better than the lanterns and didn't really take any fixing.

The subway art is from here. The pastel colors went perfectly with the Easter decorations that I already had. I just printed it from my computer and put it in frame (painted white)  that I already had. The blocks are leftover pieces of 2x4's that I painted and put vinyl letters on. Any other decorations came from after-Easter clearance sales.

And that is the extent of my Spring/Easter decorating for the year. The picture doesn't quite do it justice. I have very limited lighting options in my living room and very few photography skills, but it is bright and cheery and makes me happy that we are having a nice sunny day.


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