Thursday, March 1, 2012

March Photo of the Day- Dust off those cameras!

So doing the February photo of the day challenge from Instagram made me realize what a slacker I am. I've used my camera phone 28 of the last 29 days in February, number of days I used my 7D- six. And I call myself a photographer!

Three summers ago I spent a month in Scotland on a study abroad for photography. I learned the basics in Scotland and dedicated myself to learning how to really shoot ever since. But lately my photography has been neglected because Hipstamatic and Instagram are just too darn convenient.
Standing stones on the Orkney Islands in Scotland, they are older than stonehenge. The one time in my life I've ever gotten up at four in the morning to take a photo :)

So for March, I am upping the ante. I am taking actual photographs with an actual camera each day of the month. (I know, it's a crazy plan.)

I have come up with my own March Photo of the Day Challenge. I chose a theme for the day rather than something incredibly specific, so get creative and build those photography muscles.

Use Instagram or your phone if that works best for you, but I'd like to encourage everyone to dust off their cameras and put away the smart phones for a couple minutes each day. Your camera misses you!

Feel free share any suggestions or links to your pics. I'll make sure and share mine too. I might even get ambitious when I edit and create some Photoshop actions to share. Happy shooting!


1 comment:

  1. Michelle I accept your challenge. I wish I would have seen the post sooner, because the first is already gone. I guess I will have to take two photos today to make up for yesterday.


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