Saturday, April 7, 2012

Easy Easter Gifts

I decided I wanted to make some kind of a treat for my neighbors, so I got on to Pinterest for some inspiration.  I found a super cute design from under their D.I.Y Paper Easter Bunny, Chick, and Carrot Cones page. I modified the pattern so I didn't have to go to the store to buy any supplies.

I wanted my cones to be big enough to hold some Easter Eggs so I drew my own pattern for the cone. I also used a packet of cute scrap booking paper I bought from Walmart for about a buck. The ribbon isn't material, it's just the cheap kind that can be curled with scissors. I used normal tissue paper for the insides of the cones.

I made the mistake of thinking all glue sticks dry clear. They do not. I wouldn't recommend using a blue glue stick because any glue showing will dry blue.

Trace the pattern on the back side of the paper so that there are no pencil or pen marks showing on the cone.

Cut the paper.

I found that it made it a lot easier to fold the paper into the cone shape before gluing it. After I made the cone shape I put glue on the flap that will be on the outside and put it together.

After gluing it should look like a cone.

I punched out both sides of the cone at the same time, that way the holes will be even.

I cut the ribbon about 27". I tied the ribbon on to each of the holes. I left some extra ribbon hanging off the end so I can curl it. I added tissue paper to each of the cones.

I wanted to make these a treat for my neighbors so I filled up Easter eggs with candy and added them in and added a poem about Easter.


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