Wednesday, February 15, 2012

February Photo of the Day- Instagram Style

My name is Michelle and I'm a procrastinator (I think I heard somewhere that acceptance is the first step, or is it denial?). I never seem to finish anything unless there is a deadline. Not just any deadline, a big fat ominous deadline looming on the horizon. The nearly there, fast approaching horizon.

So the fact that I started a February photo of the day challenge BEFORE the end of the month is a sure-fire sign that I am heading in the right direction and on the road to recovery. It doesn't matter that I missed the first seven days of the month (I started on February 8th) I started BEFORE February 29 and that my friends, is a big deal.

I stumbled upon this little gem and decided to take the Instagram photo of the day challenge.

You might notice that the day I started, February 8th, the theme of the day was "sun." I don't know if was an omen or just coincidence, but there was no sun to be found all day long. The only glimpse was when it was setting and I just so happened to capture it as I drove by the railroad tracks. The hobo was a perfect touch and completely unplanned.
Day 8- Sun
Day 9- Front Door 
Another day 9er and not part of the challenge, but the best fortune I've ever had. The tear makes it a little hard to read. It says, "A spontaneous picnic in the near future will be beneficial to you." Who wouldn't want that?
Day 10- Self Portrait
Day 11- Makes Me Happy
And it was also around day 11, that I got sick. That did NOT make me happy.
Day 12- Inside My Closet
Day 13- Something Blue
In loving memory of Grandpa Ray.
Day 14- Heart
So fellow procrastinators, it is not too late! (Like I needed to tell you that, it's never too late for a procrastinator.) Jump on board the Instagram photo challenge and finish out the month strong! Remember the journey to change begins with a single step, or the last half of a month-long photo of the day challenge.


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