Friday, February 3, 2012


I have been excited to decorate for Valentine's Day ever since I took down all of my Christmas stuff. I have slowly been working on my mantel for the past couple of weeks and then decided that I just needed to be done with it or the holiday would come and go and I wouldn't have any pictures to post. I love playing around with different fonts, so this print is my new decoration for the year. I just printed at home and stuck it in a frame that I already had. Feel free to use it to add to your own Valentine's Decor.


Here is what it looks like on my mantel:

And the up close shot:

The other fun thing that I made was the paper heart chain. I followed this tutorial. It is written in Mandarin or another language with characters, so I couldn't read it, but the pictures make it really easy to follow.  Since I wasn't using double sided paper, I folded my strips in half so that the pattern would be on both sides. I then made another chain, but attached them together side-by-side instead of up and down. I also had the idea to make some of the hearts out of photos of my girls. I used the little cards that come in the package when you print photos. I know that both Costco and Shutterfly send them, so that you can see what you ordered. They were the perfect size, so I just cut them into strips and used them like the paper. They turned out pretty cute, and it is fun to look through our pictures from last year on the hearts. Here is a close-up of those hearts:

Happy Valentine's Day to everyone.


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