Wednesday, February 8, 2012

My Beanie Experiment

I love to wear beanies. In winter time, they are a constant accessory to my outfits. A couple of years ago I decided I was done spending money on beanies and undertook the task of teaching myself how to crochet. 
As many hours of frustration and unpicking passed I graduated from a holey scarf, to a whole scarf. More time passed and I became quite proficient at chemo style beanies. Over time I became bored with the chemo beanies and decided to branch out. 

I had seen lots of cute frog beanies online and thought it would be a fun thing to figure out how to make. This hat is actually my second successful frog. My first beanie was a much darker green and did not have another color around the bottom. I think it looks much better with a lighter green color for the hat and with a contrasting color bordering the bottom. This pattern is a super simple one. The hat is just your basic chemo style beanie with flaps added on after. Both of which I used a double crochet stitch for. For the green part of the eyes I just made a circle with about nine stitches and then continued out from that circle to form a "tube" like shape. Then for the white part I made a smaller "tube" shape and sewed it into the green.

This hat came about by accident. I had some left over yarn and decided to try to make a shell stitched hat. As I was going along I noticed that the it kept getting bigger and bigger instead of forming the sides of a hat. So I decided to use a single crotchet stitch and bring in the sides so it could be used as a hat, not a hot pad. The hat turned out better than I thought it would. However, next time I would not bring in the bottom part of the hat so much because when it is on a baby's head it looks too puffy for my taste. This has was also a super simple hat. I did four double crochets in every fourth stitch. Then just converted to a single crochet, skipping a stitch every now and a again to bring it in to the current size.

It has been so much fun creating my own beanies. I hope to have some patterns and more hats available soon.


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